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Terms and Conditions of use of Olive Indian Takeaway Website

1. Acceptance of Conditions:

Making an order with us reflects your acceptance of these terms and conditions taking effect at the time of your first access to the site or calling us over the phone. In case these terms and conditions appear unacceptable to you, you must not place an order via the internet or over the phone. Since our full menu can be accessed and ordered only from this website, all orders are subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation of your order:

We set about cooking immediately after your order has been placed. Therefore, if you wish to cancel your order with a full refund, you are advised to call within 5 minutes of placing the original order. For requesting a cancellation, please call us, don’t email. Your order being perishable as per the Distance Selling Regulation (Regulation 13), a cooling off period for cancellation does not apply, unfortunately.

3. Allergies:

Any of our foods cannot be guaranteed to be free from nuts or nut derivatives. Also, we cannot guarantee that our food will be free from any other ingredients that may cause allergies or allergic reactions. As all our dishes are cooked from scratch, we always have a large number of ingredients present in our kitchen.

4. Delivery Area & Times:

We try our best to deliver your order to the provided address in 30-90 minutes, as it can take a while longer with all restaurants during busy times. In some circumstances of such busy times we may predict that we will be unable to deliver within the normal times and notify you prior to ordering. However, on occasions it can be difficult to make such predictions. If the delivery is delayed due to circumstances out of our direct control, we will try our very best to update you regarding that.

Again, if you are from outside our stated catchment area, delivery within the normal 45 minutes will not be possible in most cases. If in doubt about the catchment area or delivery time forecast, you are advised to call us to place your order so that we we may give you an estimate.

5. Address Details:

With your order you must agree to provide a valid POSTCODE, full address and contact phone number. If incorrect details are provided, delivery within any previously stipulated timescales given by us will not be possible. You have to agree not to withhold payment in case you were unable to provide a correct address or contact details.

6. Minimum Order & Free Delivery:

You have to make a minimum of £13 order with us. While making the order online or over the phone, you will be notified if delivery charges apply.

7. Confirmation of Order:

Cancellation of your order is within our rights if we cannot establish contact with you by phone or email after your placement of an order. This is to ensure our protection against fraudulent and deceptive orders. In some circumstances, (for example, in cases of exceptionally large orders) you may be insisted on making a deposit in advance before confirmation of your order. We will confirm you about the total price before the order is completed if your order is placed online or over the phone.

8. Images on the Website :

How your dishes will be delivered to you is not determined by photographs of foods on this site. There may be cases when the ingredients in the dishes delivered to you may differ from the photos displayed. All photographs are meant for serving suggestion or simple representation of generic raw ingredients.

9. Description of Food & Ingredients:

Descriptions of all dishes on the website represent and describe the item in question. In case certain ingredients are unavailable or are out of stock, our chefs are to decide regarding suitable replacements to be used (for example green pepper substituted with red pepper). If ingredients/content/packaging of any dish appear unclear to you, you are advised to make a phone call and discuss this with our staff before placing the order. Please note that "Home-made" means the food cooked or prepared entirely from scratch by us; "Fresh" means not frozen or tinned; and the sign "(v)" indicates a dish completely without meat or fish. We fully comply with "Food Additives (England) Regulations 2009" in case of use of food colouring.

10. Portion Sizes:

Standard 500ml takeaway containers for all dishes are generally used by us. However, rights to use other packaging are reserved with us. In that case, we can assure portion sizes will remain unchanged. Please note some dishes may appear lowered during delivery.

11. Contract:

With placement of an order, you will enter into a contract with "Olive Indian Takeaway" for delivery of your order.

12. Liability:

We are not to be held liable for any sort of claims, damages, or losses (including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, economic, consequential loss, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of goodwill), negligence or other complicit actions springing from, or in connection with, use of this site and/or material provided to you by email or other communication means.

13. Complaints / Requests:

For you, complaints management will be performed by "Olive Indian Takeaway" ASAP. Please use the contact details contained on this website to address any complaints or requests.

14. Viruses:

We do not claim this site to be free of viruses or bugs or that this site is compatible with all computer systems and browsers.

15. Cookies:

For tracking your progress through the checkout process and holding your shopping cart contents, this site requires to use session cookies. Your use of this site means you agree to these cookies being placed on your computer and acknowledge the fact that the site might otherwise not function accordingly.

16. Booking:

Any booking that includes higher than 8 people will be required to pay a minimum deposit to confirm the booking, and that minimum deposit is £5 per person. This payment can be made either in cash or by card at the restaurant or online. The minimum deposit is to be paid as soon as possible before the actual booking date.Upon all customers turning up on the night of the booking, full refund will be made against the deposit, either in cash or taken off the bill as per your suggestion.